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Why Older Male Clients Are Advantageous to Younger Escorts?

For young South London escorts, South London prostitutes or South London call girls, almost all male clients that she will be meeting are older men. When we say old, it means 50 years old or over – they can be old enough to become your second father or grandfather. Older men use their money to their advantage in hiring escorts in South London.

The advantage of meeting up with an older man

If you are a young South London escort and you do not like the idea of having sexual encounters with older men, then you better think twice in entering the escorting business.

When you are young, it’s more likely that a lot of older men will look at your profile and hire you. Even though you do not want them to contact you and book an appointment with you, you simply cannot avoid such circumstances. What you do not know is that you can completely benefit from an older participant.

One of the many advantages that young South London escorts can get from older customers is that they already know the type of girl they are looking for and the things they are expecting from her. They have the wisdom that young South London males do not possess. They think very mature enough, if not wise, about particular things in life and work. The sensuality and angst that a maturer South London man possesses is very different from a younger South London boy. They are better when you have sexual activities together.

In addition to this, a maturer male does not view South London escorts as a simple sex worker or a provider of any sexual services. For these men, hook ups are not their thing. They grew up in an environment where hooking up was a rare thing. They did not grow up in the decade where sexual activity is not prevalent. They were not fans of people who promise any sexual activity; rather they were enclosed with a lot of moralities.

Furthermore, primed South London males are likely to meet up with South London escorts not because they want to have sex primarily, but they see the entire appointment as being an act of transgression compared to younger South London males who hire escorts. Wrinkled men have a lot of complicated issues surrounding them and the idea of hiring South London escorts, prostitutes or call girls is not a negative thing. They may view the appointment as a good opportunity for them to be with someone who does not have any judgment about the way they run their lives.

For South London escorts, meeting up with seasoned customers is a great opportunity to establish a list of regular customers who are stable and kind. Primed South London guys have

worked longer, their children are grown ups and have less demands compared to younger South London males who are still establishing their own. Wrinkled South London participants have more money to spend for nonsensical things compared to young ones. They are more generous when it comes to giving bonuses or tips, and even extravagant gifts for their hired escorts.

Girls from find that when an older man finds the escorts he really wants, he will become a regular visitor in order to avoid the stressful processing of searching for good South London escorts.

Treat Women Like “Sluts” and They Will Treat You Like A Prince

Excited-naked-blond-porn-babe-nude-hotties-wild-ones-2013-nude-wild-coeds-gets-fuckedSo many guys spend all of their lives chasing and pursuing one girl, trying oh so desperately to get that girls attention, only for that girl to ignore the “nice guy” and be with the “bad boy”.

So many guys spend all their time taking women out to expensive outings and paying for dates only for those same women to reject these men and instead go to bed with unemployed, “jerks”.

Why do these women continue to dump and reject these seemingly “nice guys” and instead date and sleep with these rude, arrogant “bad boys”?

Because the guys who are “bad boys” don’t treat women like angels who don’t like sex. The guys who are “bad boys” don’t pretend and act like women don’t like sex.

The “Bay Boys” simply move fast with women, don’t spend any money on girls, and get these girls in bed.

In one sentence, they treat them like “sluts”

All women are sluts, and despite what your parents may have told you, despite what your friends may have told you.

A Guide to Flirting with Girls… (and Scoring)

Let’s face it- if you want to talk to a girl from an escort agency, hook up with her, and get her back to your place, then you need to know how to flirt with a girl.

We’ve all been there… you start talking to a girl, it seems to be going okay, but there just doesn’t seem to be any “chemistry” and she doesn’t make it easy for, she’s not giving you any signs (she is- I’ll explain them below) and soon you run out of steam and decide it’s probably better to end the conversation than risk the awkwardness of running out of things to say or being rejected.

If you don’t know how to talk to women n that flirtatious way, eventually you will wind up boring her and losing her interest, and she’ll wind up with some other guy who knows how to turn her on by being playful and flirty.

I speak from experience. I’m a decent looking guy who is in good shape, makes good money, and has lots of friends… but until I learned the essential flirting skills I was always stuck in the friend zone.

If you’re shy, insecure, or just clueless about how to “spark attraction” in a woman that you’re talking to, then you’re going to enjoy this article, as I’m going to lay out an easy to “action plan.”
The easiest way to begin flirting with a woman is to begin to playfully tease her. The teasing should be good hearted and fun, and should not be offensive or rude.

It’s always best to tease a woman on something she says, the way she is acting, or something you notice about her.

When you learn to listen and observe a girl you begin to quickly find this you can flirt and tease her about.

Things like:

Being “blonde”
Seeming “bossy”
Being “gullible” or “naïve”
Having a “wild side”

Or you can simply challenge her. A great way to flirt with a girl is to have a “mock” completion with her over something. For instance, I’ve goaded smart girls into having a spelling bee with me… its just a fun, playful way to get the two of you engaged in some sort of “game.”

You can also tease a woman without ever opening your mouth. You can tease a woman by getting in her way so she can’t walk past you. You can swat her with a straw, tickle her, or do the old “you’ve got something on your shirt” routine.

There is much more to the art of flirting than I can explain in this article, so I’ve created a free 27 page manuscript called “Make Small Talk Sexy” where I explain exactly how to take a conversation to fun, playful and flirtatious level.

How To Fuck Her Like A Pornstar

Gentlemen, welcome to one of the most important blog posts you’ll ever read. All of the effort you’ve put out in developing your Game comes down to one final aspect: can you fuck her so good, that she’ll keep coming back for more?

If you’ve had any doubts about your sexual prowess, this article will lead you to the pussy promise land and will ensure that you have some tools to take it up a notch. Pun intended.

Without further ado, 5 Tips For How To Fuck Her Like A Pornstar


5. Focus On The Psychological, Not The Physical

I get emails weekly from readers who ask what is the best position to fuck a girl in and how long they should have sex for before cumming. Hear me loud and clear: Fucking a girl properly is only partially physical. The rest is psychological. Turning her on physically is a part of the process, but turning her mind on and getting into her head is what you want to do. This separates you from the boys who are trying to utilize every sex position known to mankind to impress her.

Guess what? You’re not impressing her, in fact, she’s sick of switching positions every two minutes.

How do you get into her head and turn her on?

There are two main aspects of this:

1. Talking Dirty To Her: open your mouth and vocalize the interaction.

“You like that don’t you?”

“That pussy feels so good”

2. Lead Her Through Commands

Don’t do this:

“Would you like me to fuck you hard?”

“Do you want to do doggy style?”

No no no. You are an alpha caveman and you command her. She is there to please you.
Do this:

“Suck my cock hard. Slobber on it.”

“You’re my slut”

“You’re my dirty girl. Eat my cum”

“Open your mouth. Open your mouth my little whore. Swallow my cum.”

“Spread your pussy”

“Hold your ass apart baby” (doggy style)

Note: Use “my” to provide ‘ownership’ of her. Just saying “you’re a slut” doesn’t help create the connection that Deep Conversion sex creates and can also put in her mind that you’re judging her, which will close her legs faster than a barn door in a tornado. Always use “my”.

4. Dominate Her Physically

Get the concept of the two of you lying on a bed of roses and gently having missionary sex out of your head, if you ever want to keep her around. That shit doesn’t fly. You have to manhandle her and be a man: dominant, ravishing and always leading and taking control.

Read closely: Women want to be ‘taken’ by a man.

When she hops into bed with you, she’s hoping that you’ll know what you’re doing and will rock her body, not ask what position she’d like to try next. If you could get a glimpse into a woman’s mind you would be stunned: they are just as sexually ‘dirty’ as men, if not more so.

There’s a reason why the best selling book 50 Shades of Grey has women wet all over the world: they love this shit.

Any alpha playboy in development should know these few core positions and utilize them. Anything other than these is gravy, but these are great dominating positions that have served me well for over a decade.

Haven’t had any complaints, just compliments.